Doing Business with the Federal Government: Are You Prepared?

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The Details
Are you a commercial company that wants to diversify your revenue base and sell to the federal government? If so, then perhaps you are considering selling your commercial item or service to the federal government, or you see an opportunity to sell a non-commercial item or service. If you are contemplating either of these scenarios, then you need to know how the Federal Government buys commercial items and services (FAR Part 12), and what rules you will have to follow for non-commercial sales (FAR Part 15).

Join CohnReznick’s government contracting professionals for a complimentary webinar as they provide clarity on how the federal government buys commercial services and what rules you need to follow for non-commercial sales. Specific topics to be discussed include:

  • FAR Part 12 Commercial Item/Service Determination requirements - DoD Commercial Item Centers of Excellence and how they operate
  • FAR Part 15 requirements - Requirements and certifications during proposal/negotiation and requirements based on contract type – Firm Fixed, T&M, CPFF, and Letter Contracts

Please note the webinar will be played through your web browser. Speakers or a headset is required.

Recorded on May 20, 2020
Jeffrey Witt, CPA
Director, Government Contracting Practice, CohnReznick
Rebecca Kehoe, JD
Manager, Government Contracting Practice, CohnReznick
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