Bolster Finance and Operations Against Coronavirus Disruption
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The Details
CohnReznick CEO David Kessler and three esteemed business continuity experts discuss the current distressed business environment and how to stabilize your finance and operations within it. Whether you are currently experiencing business disruption or wish to preempt challenges that may lie ahead, this webinar explores:

  • Challenges businesses are facing and what makes this crisis different from other downturns and disasters
  • The importance of coordinating solutions with partners, vendors, customers, government agencies, and others in your business chain
  • Planning for situations with an unclear timeline and end date
  • The various stages of this disruption – are you nearly shutting down or just experiencing signs of trouble? How do you plan for what’s to come?
  • The $2 million low-interest loans available to small businesses through the Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Two proprietary business frameworks:
    • The Three C’s: Cash, Communication, and Control. A business survival framework based on maximizing cash communicating with stakeholders; and maintaining control of your financial, operational, and governance practices.
    • Now. Next. New: CohnReznick’s rapid-response framework for triaging your business now, determining your next stage, and establishing new paths.

Please note the webinar will be played through your web browser. Speakers or a headset are required.

Recorded on: March 19, 2020
CEO, CohnReznick                                   
Global Director, Restructuring & Dispute Resolution - CohnReznick Advisory
Global Director, Restructuring & Dispute Resolution - CohnReznick Advisory
Business Continuity Planning Professional, Executive in Residence, Associate Dean - American University
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